March 7, 2012No CommentsDisease Treatment ,

Yesterday in Irvine I took care of a 41 year old women who suffered from severe pain as a result of cervical dystonia.   Her pain was compounded by the fact that she developed botulism after a botox injection 4 months ago.  Her pain was consistent an 8+/10 on a daily basis.   She had been placed on a regimen of opioids without success.   She was at her “wits end” when she came in to see me with her husband and wanted to give medical marijuana a try.

Here is the email I received from her today.  It is truly amazing how cannabis can be a “Godsend” for some patients.

Hi Dr. Breen, 

I met you yesterday. I have Cervical Dystonia and I am currently battling Botulism because I contracted it from my last treatment of Botox for the Dystonia. I tried the Medical Cannabis for the first time last night and I want to thank you. It is the first time in YEARS that I have slept a full nights sleep. I am crying as I write this to you. I can’t thank you enough. My husband and I were so scared to try this for me because he is in law enforcement and I used to be and we are also both Christians. I thank God that he lead us to you. I know that God did and I thank you for what you do.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!!