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In the past, the thought of using medical cannabis to treat ailments was unheard of, and the thought of having it legally delivered to your door impossible.  In the last decade, everything has changed.

Recent experience has shown that medical cannabis can be safe and efficient for patients with real ailments. Current research is continuing to discover new and varied benefits of medicinal cannabis.  We implore all patients with relevant ailments to consider our safe, herbal remedies over potentially addictive, synthetic cures.

Our website provides patients with information on our various strains, as well as details concerning current medical marijuana laws and facts.

Medications obtained through Green Relief Inc. are of the highest quality and have varying medical benefits.  Each strain page provides all the necessary information to choose a medication that will suit your needs.

Our research page is comprised of credible sources with valid information on current medical marijuana laws as well as intriguing facts on the botanical aspects of the plant itself. We encourage all current and future members to become more informed regarding medical cannabis in order to help stop the fear and ignorance affiliated with this useful treatment.


For the past century marijuana has been associated with having negative effects. We ask our patients, along with the general community, educate themselves with political, medical, and recreational information on medical cannabis. We feel that our patients should be familiar with marijuana laws set forth by the state.

Use the links below to further education about today’s marijuana laws, culture and medical community.

Integrated Holistic Care, Inc.

Chyle Beaird, M.D.
Medical Director at Total Body HealthCare, Inc.

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Holistic Caring

We have partnered with Holistic Caring to provide Nurse Appointments. For seriously ill patients a full remote visit is offered.

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For patients interested in learning more about how to use medical cannabis effectively.

Holistic Caring provides courses on a variety of topics such as: Cancer, Chronic Pain, Alzheimer's Disease, and Parkinson's Disease

For more information regarding professional licensing and certification in the CBD industry.
Holistic Caring offers programs, courses, and licensing that will allow you to access the CBD marketplace. They also provide marketing material, networking opportunities, and other critical services.

Elisabeth Mack, RN, MBA
Holistic Caring Founder & CEO

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